Embrace Potential

Engaging body, mind & spirit for inspired action.

Lasting change happens when we engage Body, Mind and Spirit gaining a greater connection between our inner and outer selves. These connections aid transition and build resilience leading to more vitality, stability & inspired action.

Embrace Potential is born out of years of study of a variety of approaches to help people feel better in their bodies and live in more empowered ways. They include Eden Energy Medicine, Acupressure, Reiki, Empowerment Life Coaching, Strategic Intervention (Tony Robbins), Law of Attraction, Laughter Yoga & Massage Therapy. These modalities are interwoven to address Body, Mind and Spirit. There are two options on how to access the potency of this life changing work. It is offered in both small group settings focusing on learning stress relieving exercises and as a fully clothed individual massage-like session.

Body - Massage Therapy , Eden Energy Medicine & Acupressure - The bio-chemistry of the body is influenced by our emotions, the food we eat, the air we breathe and the relationships we have. And the reverse of that is also true. Impacting the energetic systems of the body influences our emotional outlook leading to more patience in relationships, more energy and motivation to exercise leading to deeper breathing and a happier you!

Mind - Empowerment Coaching & Strategic Intervention – This aspect of the work challenges your viewpoint to expand your thoughts leading to inspired actions. It results in finding your internal navigation system to guide you in the direction you most wish to move in.

Spirit - Law of Attraction & Laughter Yoga – Laughter connects us to the best part of our humanity helping us to open to a greater sense of well-being. Laughing for the heal-th of it, as an exercise, does not rely on the reality of our present living circumstances to be just as we wish, making it un-conditional. It’s a great way to access your most optimistic outlook allowing you to dream up your most compelling future. Since the Law of Attraction is based on the belief that what we focus on expands connecting with your best self is a terrific way to have a dynamic and desirable future.

Taking such an integrative approach allows us to start from your point of weakness and move toward discovering your strengths.

Embrace Potential Self Care Program - This complete program addresses Body, Mind and Spirit to reduce stress levels, aid concentration, ease transitions and maintain a joyous life experience. This program is taught over multiple weeks in order for you to properly master the exercises in this comprehensive self-care program that can be applied in work and home life alike.

Embrace Potential Massage Technique - This specialized massage technique has been developed to incorporate Massage, Bodywork, & Energy work all in one holistic session.
"She's got hands of silk!!"
                      Cassandra, Boston, MA
"I think that was the most relaxing massage I've ever had, and I've had alot!"
                                                                        Michelle, Hadley, MA

"I came for the shoulders, but I stayed for the calves!"

                                                                  Gerald, West Springfield, MA

"You have an excellent flow to your massage, Kathi!"

                                                                                              Randy, Amherst,MA