Embrace Potential

Engaging body, mind & spirit for inspired action.

Kathi Riley takes people to places inside themselves that they cannot go by themselves, and in so doing, their ordinary lives become extraordinary! Kathi is a Licensed Massage Therapist Healer with Acupressure and Energy Medicine helping people to uplevel from physical and/or emotional pain using the energies of the body to impact their everyday experience.

She has trainings in multiple modalities of empowerment, such as Psychology of the Chakras with Anodea Judith, Acupressure with Michael Reed Gach, Eden Energy Medicine, Reiki, Robbins & Madanes Strategic Intervention Life Coaching with Tony Robbins,  Abraham Hicks' intentional use of the Law of Attraction and Laughter Yoga.  She has a BA in Social Thought & Political Economy at UMass, Amherst. Coming from a social work background, she is certified in Counseling & Psychotherapy and has completed many Group Facilitation trainings.

Moved by a deep desire to create and maintain joy, light and laughter in her world, Kathi is a Laughter Yoga leader.  She has been trained by Bill & Linda Hamaker, Walpole, MA, who both studied directly with Dr Kataria, the founder of Laughter Yoga in Mumbai, India in 1995. This work informs her self-care program and massage work.