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Energetic Injury Healing

Posted by Embrace Potential on March 28, 2022 at 3:05 PM

The recovery period for a broken ankle or leg, for example, can make your life very sedentary. And the same thing is happening to the energy around your injury, kind of like a cast that has stayed on too long. It starts to be more of a hindrance than a helpful stabilizer.

Kathi puts to work the ancient wisdom of moving the energy of a certain area to impact the physical matter in its proximity, freeing up the energy flow through the area of the injury. A lot of times as an injury is healing, the energy around the injury comes in close to the body for added protection, in order to avert further injury. But, as the healing process progresses what was once working to your advantage, your body has now outgrown. At this point the injury needs movement.

 You know when you’re at that point when you feel like you’re “babying” the area for fear of pain, even though you’ve tried walking on it and know that the risk is quite low. This is the time you want the area to move even closer to its truly animated, fully recovered, state. But, what could prevent that from being your storyline? Well, here’s where you want to use your imagination! We know from Traditional Chinese Medicine that there are lines of energy running through distinct areas of the body, called meridians. Each one governs many aspects of the body and in order to perform these roles at a peak level the energy in them needs to flow freely and abundantly. Sometimes that energy gets stuck or stagnant. There are many reasons that could happen and one of them is due to sitting so much in the recovery period.

 On the other hand, the energy may have been building up in the area previous to the injury, like water pooling up behind a dam. It doesn’t matter if you broke your ankle skiing, while reaching for something in the car and the car door swung back and hit it or you were lying in bed and can’t explain why it broke when you simply stood up on it in the morning. The injury was what was actually helpful in releasing the dammed up flow of energy in that meridian to return to a more balance state.

 Now you are familiar with your injury in a broader context, not just the physical reality, but the energy or “aura” around the traumatized area. By investing a little time in addressing the underlying issues you’ll be at your best advantage to know with absolute confidence that this kind of setback is behind you for good. And, won’t it feel good to move full steam ahead, yet again!



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