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Quotes My life can be so serious sometimes that I forget to laugh. Laughter Yoga reminded me how good it feels to get all that energy out. I want to practice this more everyday. Thanks Kathi! Quotes
Shari P.

Quotes The side of my foot was in a great deal of pain, so much so that I was limping. It felt like something was misaligned. Kathi worked on my foot, the meridians and chakra energy. By the end of the session with her I could walk normally again. The result continued in to the next few days because within a day or two I was completely out of pain all together. I would recommend her highly! Quotes
Largo, FL

Quotes "I woke up with the biggest knotted muscle on my back the other morning - it was bigger than a golf ball and a little smaller than a baseball!! I couldn't move without immense pain. Fortunately, Kathi was nearby and did foot Reflexology! Within minutes I was feeling some relief and within a few hours all the inflammation was gone. She's got magic in those fingers of hers! I can't thank her enough! I was able to go to my exercise class the next day, thanks to her." Quotes
Williamstown, MA

Quotes I found making eye contact while laughing particularly enjoyable. It intensified my laughter and encouraged more to flow. Quotes
Jeanne D.

Quotes Laughter Yoga was excellent!! We laughed and played in a structure that was amazing and contagious! Kathi is an awesome leader. She made the experience a pleasure! Quotes
Joanne R.

Quotes Laughter Yoga proves without a doubt that "Laughter is the best medicine"! The exercise enhances it. Quotes
Michael M.

Quotes It was like being given permission to be silly and act like a child! My body felt the release of space opening up and went through a short period of time when I felt really tired and started yawning a lot as my body released tension. It was fun to watch everyone else be silly too! "Good Job" Kathi! Quotes
Linda F.

Quotes Laughter yoga made me so happy! I sweat and felt vibrant! Quotes
Regina R.