Embrace Potential

Engaging body, mind & spirit for inspired action.

Do you wish you had more Peace or Joy in you life?  Embodied Empowerment Coaching is the way to find it!

This approach helps people embody Body, Mind & Spirit alignment by starting with an intention and intermingling Acupressure and Energy Medicine techniques in aid of that vision within each session. By enlivening the senses through energy techniques and embodying the union of alignment between your personality and your core essence a renewed sense of purpose is born

Moving from this place, you will learn how to register your emotions as the guidance system that will lead you in the direction of what you want more of in your life.  This is the basis of the Law of Attraction. These coaching sessions are an opportunity to hone your skills of intentional manifestation using the fabric of your life as the learning ground.  This is how, together, we will bring your goals to fruition.  Whether your ambitions are of a business, lifestyle or health and well-being nature, these sessions activate a sense of fulfillment.

Often, it is feelings of guilt, shame or resentment that will stop you from having what you want more of in our everyday life.  When your focus is on fear or limitation you oscillate in a figure 8 pattern of unconscious emotion between a desire for Certainty and a fear of Uncertainty.  To break this stale-mate cycle you must go beyond fear to Growth and open to the unlimited realm of limitless possibility.  Or, alternatively, you must reach inside yourself and share with others through Contribution.  My job is to support you in moving away from low vibration, 'kill-joy' feelings to free up your dormant energy and move forward unimpeded with grace, ease and flow.

By ending the endless cycle of the figure 8 of fear and doubt you will move forward and keep up with your ever-expanding unlimited Inner Being.  And when that happens... Joy shows up! In the moment you feel Joy, Bliss or excited anticipation you have a clear indication that you are connected to the vast limitlessness of your Inner Being, Higher Power, Inner Essence or Greater Being.  Whatever you call it, the signature feeling is always a stronger sense of empowerment by living your life on purpose, according to your own agenda.