Embrace Potential

Engaging body, mind & spirit for inspired action.

Manifesting  Journey Through The Chakras
For Creating Your Best Life Ever!!

The Chakra system is a subtle, simple and gentle energetic system of spinning vortices emanating out from our bodies and connecting to our central nervous system at different points along the spine. Clearing and balancing the main seven chakras in the body is a potent and powerful hands-on bodywork modality aiding the intentional manifestation process used to achieve body, mind and spirit integration.  

I invite you to take a journey down through the Chakras in the Manifesting Flow, from thought to form, to embrace your potential and live more of what you truly desire.  Your goals may be of a business nature, to manifest a material object, develop an emotional state or perhaps a particular life-style. This process is delivered through a fully clothed massage-like table series of nine sessions (one and a half hour long each).  Through this process we expand your comfort zone to connect to the field of possibilities. It is here that your energy centers can come into full alignment which leads to the details of your path being revealed to you. We hone in on your uniqueness as the foundational launching pad that will allow you to passionately reach for what you really want.

This process was created, birthed in a manner, through great personal pain. I have been a student of and associated with Donna Eden and Anodea Judith for many years but putting their work together with the context of my personal growth and social work education grew out of enduring years of very difficult physical illness.  There is a grace that can only come in a moment filled with inspiration. In that moment, I instantly knew that I was in the healer's lineage of these powerful healers and, more than that, I knew exactly how these modalities could be fit together to add exponential power. The journey of manifestation through this new modality has been swift and sure for me. It is in my true nature to share, to be a helper and a healer and so I am bringing this work to so many individuals manifesting for themselves in the areas of health, business, personal relationships, even releasing the grip of addiction. This powerful process works across the board. It is a gentle and powerful piece of emotional, spiritual and physical work that can be used to change the trajectory of your life path.

Our sessions start with a consultation and are followed by either a remote table session or a fully clothed session on the massage table. It is during this session that the balancing of the energy centers known as the chakras takes place, in addition to activating the Radiant Circuits and assisting the meridian lines with flow. First clearing the energetic debris from your future path and then allowing in more of what serves you provides you with a stronger sense of this tangible energetic strength embedded in your body that is, relatively speaking, currently lying dormant.  Initially clearing your path of the debris of low self worth or old emotional patterns frees up space for you to be open to receiving into your experience whatever that which you wish to have more of in your life. Starting with clearing the chakras is an essential component in this process as no one can give you more than you can allow yourself to have. By activating and balancing your chakras while dedicating a whole session to exploring and resonating with the theme of each consecutive center on an alternate weekly basis you will not only feel, but be, more empowered in your everyday life.  This timing is important to the proper adjusting that must take place for the process to take permanent hold in your life.  Igniting this latent source of power will light you up with awe and wonder of what delights lie in store for you on your chosen path.  By spending approximately half the session honing in on choosing relevant thoughts to steer your process of manifestation you will be fully in the driver's seat of this inquisitive journey of evolving yourself. Each time we clear and balance your chakras we are, so to speak, cleaning the windows of your soul and allowing your inner light to shine out into your chosen world more brightly.

This program is the culmination of combining the gems of wisdom from a variety of ancient as well as cutting-edge modalities.  They include: Anodea Judith's Psychology of the Chakras, Donna Eden's Eden Energy Medicine techniques, Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction, Tony Robbins' Strategic Intervention Life Coaching, Life Stage Development, Traditional Chinese Medicine's 5 Element Theory of balance and harmony and the principles of Group Dynamics which draw on the balance of delivering the task at hand and maintaining the human relationships involved in the delivery of the task.  The weaving together of these rich modalities makes for a dynamic and powerful rocket fuel to thrust you toward experiencing your touchdown moment of manifestation.

This process is for you if ...
you know you want more out of life but aren't clear about what direction to head in.
you have a sense of what you want to do but often doubt yourself or the validity of your ambition.
you are taking all the "right" steps to attain your goal but are not getting the results you desire.
you feel drawn to the healing arts but don't know where to begin.