Embrace Potential

Engaging body, mind & spirit for inspired action.

Embrace Potential Massage Technique
This technique, a blend of Massage, Acupressure and Energy Medicine, takes a holistic approach to healing the body, mind and spirit.  It does not treat specific conditions, rather it balances and restores the body's natural energies to increase your vitality, strengthen your mental capacities and optimize your health.    

Embrace Potential Massage Technique takes a three pronged approach addressing your emotions, thoughts and physical being (the first 3 levels of the Auric Field) in a fully clothed relaxing and invigorating table session, similar to Craniosacral Massage. This session is particularly useful if you feeling ungrounded, have a recurring area of injury, have multiple health issues, are preparing for or recovering from surgery, or are experiencing any other challenging circumstances.

A typical session starts with a discussion to gain clarity on your highest priorities for our time together. Taking a multi-dimensional approach allows themes to surface, like the need for increased clarity, decisiveness or perhaps letting go . Out of this process affirmations may be identified. A variety of energetic systems may be worked with and some possibilities are listed below. Toward the end of the session self-care suggestions for between sessions may be given.

Emotions - The Black Pearl Sanctuary is a specific series of hand positions held on the head shared in a table session that brings balance to the emotions and retrains your bio-chemical responses to stressful situations.                                         

The Electrics run throughout all the systems and are beneficial after an emotional trauma, like the death of a loved one, or a physical trauma, such as a surgery. 

Thoughts - Activating our Radiant Circuits fuels our experience of joy.  Working with them is especially useful in overcoming persistent negative habits that you would like to change or when feeling emotionally disconnected from others or even yourself. 

Physical - The Triple Warmer governs the fight-flight-freeze pattern impacting the immune system and all auto-immune disorders.  It also governs temperature control and working with it is an especially helpful aid in the menopausal phase of life.

The number of sessions and frequency vary according to your desired outcomes. This work is best suited to 90 minute sessions to allow the value of intertwining this Mind, Body, Spirit technique to percolate through you to its fullest depth.

                                         ***Why Choose Me? ***

I am a Laughter Yoga leader and Life Coach helping people align with their joy to have a greater sense of their Inner Essence and life purpose.  Through Massage and Energy work I help people feel better in their bodies thereby raising their vibration from dis-ease to ease and joy. The Radiant Circuits are all about joy and are a great tool in this endeavor! By helping people feel better in their bodies and align with their expanding sense of well-being and joy I help people unfold their life purpose with grace and ease.

These energies and their impact are vast and the list of benefits can go on endlessly!  These words give you a flavor of what they offer.  But hearing about them is a far cry from feeling the impact of experiencing them. 

"Your touch allows me to feel from the inside out, not just from the outside in."

                                                          Richard, Pittsfield Nursing Home

"Kathleen was amazing!  She is clearly very gifted and conscientious.  
                                 I felt so pampered!"                                                                                                                                           Yvonne, Lenox, MA

"Thank you so much for your wonderful energy work.  I have had edema in my ankle for several months now.  Your weekly sessions have been so effective that I was able to spend all day on my feet in circumstances that most certainly would have made my ankle blow right up to puffyland.  Instead, it is perfect.  No swelling.  Amazing!  You did that!"

                                                                                                        Lynn, Lanesboro, MA

"I woke up with the biggest knotted muscle on my back the other morning - it was bigger than a golf ball and a little smaller than a baseball!!  I couldn't move without immense pain.  Fortunately, Kathi was nearby and did some Acupressure!  Within minutes I was feeling some relief and within a few hours all the inflammation was gone.  She's got magic in those fingers of hers!  I can't thank her enough!  I was able to go to my exercise class the next day, thanks to her." 
                                                           Phyllis, Williamstown, MA

"She really cares about her client and wants to address all their problems."
                                                                   Bill, Pittsfield, MA
The side of my foot was in a great deal of pain, so much so that I was limping.  It felt like something was misaligned.  Kathi worked on my foot, the meridians and base chakra for ailments in the body.  By the end of the session I could walk normally again.  Within a day or two I was completely out of pain all together. The result continued into the next few days.  I would recommend her highly!
                                                                                          Donna, Largo, FL