Embrace Potential

Engaging body, mind & spirit for inspired action.

Manos Unidas Multicultural Educational Cooperative actively develops relationships with our most disenfranchised members of Berkshire county, including people and families who are Latinx, immigrant, living in poverty, and recovering from or experiencing trauma, and has done for the past 25 years. In their own lives, and in society, they are the underheard. The nurturing relationships formed at Manos Unidas allows them to learn how to express themselves, often through participating in events, by developing personally, artistically, socially, or politically. It's a place where people learn how to use their voice, both figurative and literally.

Centered Potential Massage Therapy is the newest addition to the burgeoning array of wellness programs at the center. Chair massage and full body Massage, Acupressure and Energy Medicine sessions are a holistic approach to improve the immune system and reduce the fight, flight or freeze and anxiety so integral to a stressful life experience.

Your generous contribution, of  any amount, will help them connect to their inner strengths. Be a part of this program by helping it do what it does best! And, many thanks, in advance!

On-off or monthly recurring donations are most appreciated! After clicking the link below please choose 'Community Programs/ Manos Unidas' and then write 'Massage' in the notes on the next page.
* $10

* $100

* $1,500

* $5,000