Embrace Potential

Engaging body, mind & spirit for inspired action.

Self-Care Program

This self-care program is comprised of multiple exercises which impact your energy system, making a substantive difference to your wellbeing: body, mind & spirit. It is right for you or your company if you are looking for quick, simple tools to increase concentration, reduce overwhelm and increase inter-personal engagement even under stress.  These highly effective exercises have immediate impact to reduce stress levels of frustration and anger that set off our fight-or-flight mechanism eventually leading to illness.  By having stress reducing methods at the touch of your own fingertips you learn how to train your body to build resilience and stay calm in chaotic situations.  You can then choose to intentionally change the habits of your emotional highs and lows which enhances your ability to navigate changes smoothly.  Adaptability and inspired action become your new day-to-day norm.   

Teaching these exercises individually and in small group settings empowers participants to stimulate the body's energies making them great daily self-care tools.  They increase your fortitude, stamina and flexibility to adapt to life's never ending changes.  This, in turn, allows you to live to your fullest potential with far greater productivity. 

Beneficial to companies, organizations and individuals alike this program entails learning a series of exercises that are simple to apply in both public settings like meetings or on your own. You get to choose what exercise is relevant to the setting you need some stress relief in.