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Emotional Pain Relief with Acupressure​      1/2 Hour                          $75                      

Feeling blocked?  Frustrated?  Want things to change but can't make it happen?  Specific Acupressure points can relieve your emotional pain and help you move forward.

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Embodied Empowerment Coaching ​           Hour                           $125

Do you know where you want to go in your life but need help believing you can get there? Powerful Energy Medicine techniques can help you easily make shifts that seem impossible on your own!

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Energetic Alignment Table Session​         1.5 Hours                          $130           

This fully-clothed session takes a holistic approach to increase your vitality, strengthen your mental capacities and optimize your immune system.                         

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Manifesting Chakra Process

This is a 4-6 month process for effecting transformation in your life. No matter what your goals, this specific journey through the Chakras will bring about the energetic changes to get you all the way to your goal. Embrace your potential and live more of what you truly want.

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